Mike Schwarz – Managing Director
Mike has been running the company for more than siz years and has spent much of his career in media related businesses. Although based in Hastings, Mike lives in the Cotwolds where he spends his spare time at weekends when not involved with a show.
Email Mike: mike.schwarz@jpexhibitions.co.uk

Sales Team

Brenda Ticehurst – Sales Manager
A long serving member of the team, Brenda has been with the company for more than a decade and prior to that worked in the advertising sales team elsewhere in Johnston Press. Much of her time is spent managing the sales team, but Brenda still enjoys the challenge of the sale itself and likes to keep her hand in assisting with sales and sponsorship on all shows.
Email Brenda: brenda.ticehurst@jpexhibitions.co.uk

Marie Damara – Senior Sales Executive
A member of the sales team for over seven years, Marie is now a veteran of dozens of shows and is enjoying the challenge of selling on new exhibitions as well as Emigrate. Having recently announced her pregnancy, she will be going on maternity leave in Spring 2012.

Hayley Manager – Senior Sales Executive
Another long serving member of the team, (only broken by a short trip to Australia), Hayley has also been with the company for more than 7 years and she is selling on a variety of shows, including Emigrate and LovePets.

Leanne McConnell – Senior Sales Executive
Leanne has also been part of the team for over seven years. Currently her sales time is split between the LovePets and Outdoor Pursuits shows.

Operations Team

Flis Wright – Events & Exhibitions Manager
Flis has been working for Johnston Press for many years. Although she started in a sales role with the business, she moved some time ago to the operations function and thrives on the cut and thrust that exhibition organisation offers. She is very much ‘hands-on’ and enjoys meeting and working with the JP Divisions managing their event logistics on site at the venues around the UK.
Email Flis: flis.wright@jpexhibitions.co.uk

Suzie Richardson – Senior Events Co-ordinator
Suzie started her career with JP Events & Exhibitions just 3 years ago and is now heavily involved in the organisation of a number of events up and down the UK, including Outdoor Pursuits, Gardens & Homes and Spirit of Christmas.

Christine Stainer – Events Assistant
As well as handling routine office administration, Christine has had great fun and has lots of enthusiasm when researching and arranging interactivity for the LovePets shows (in particular) as well as other JP Events requiring this element of content.

Marketing Team

Lee Rossi – Marketing Manager
Lee started his career with the company working as a temporary member of staff ten years ago. Now, as Marketing Manager, he is responsible for developing marketing plans, creating media packs, graphics and websites for various shows, plus a range of other marketing related activities. A recent ‘new dad’, Lee has a passion for computer gaming.
Email Lee: lee.rossi@jpexhibitions.co.uk